Pretty Shiny Things

With the house for sale, I decided not to decorate this year. I gave away our tree on Freecycle a few months back. I did, however, fill a bowl with ornaments. The dining room table now has a centerpiece.

No Calories in this Trifle

These have adorned our tree for the past four years

I am quite content to enjoy everyone else's gorgeous holiday decor this year. Dd1 sent pictures.

Her tree and balcony


  1. Lisa, I was so surprised to see your comment on my blog!! I love your little bowl, I didn't know that you've put your house up for sale, are you finally going south like you've wanted to do for years? Good luck!!

  2. ditto from Jennifer above - i was suprised and happy to find a comment from you - your daughters are gorgeous btw. I LOVE that bowl - and i will steal that idea for my table - do you mind?? that's beautiful!