Red Cookbook

My entry for Ruby Tuesday is a well-loved cookbook with a red cover. The copyright is 1980. I purchased this cookbook sometime in the early eighties, the heyday of my cooking frenzy.

I did a ton of cooking during college.
Senior year my boyfriend gained forty pounds. I fed him a bit too well. Apple pies and cheesecakes were baked at an alarming speed.

My Christmas gift that year was a microwave. It sounds funny now, but back then, all of my friends thought I was very lucky to own one.

While I miss the constant baking, I would not be too keen on my husband gaining weight from all of the goodies.

This red volume features a few of my favorites, including spanakopita, and herring salad. I would be happy eating those everyday.

You should be able to enlarge the photos, if you would like to read the recipes.

I always write "very yummy" on recipes that are well liked. This cookbook has quite a bit of those.

Inside of the back cover are notes for dinner parties that I held. I also kept a journal with details of the dinners, including the reaction of each guest to a particular dish.

It is a hoot to go back and read comments such as, "Mario was the only person who tried the carrots."


  1. I think I saw some red finger nail polish too, didn't I?! Great choice. I love cook books, just can't ever get motivated enough to try anything from them. *LOL* I've posted a red shirt, well sort of.

  2. I love this cookbook, too, always have, and have updated editions, also.

    Of course, my daughter has this one, too.

  3. Wow. You are waaaay too organized for me! Though I might remember that Mario was the only one who ate the carrots, I doubt I'd take time to write it down.

    Must be handy though.