Sweet & Salty Beans 'N' Onions

We love beans. I often make Molasses Baked Beans, a
crock pot ham and bean recipe.

On a recent school snow day, BG created this recipe for our lunch. When we made it a second time, we doubled the beans. It appears she had a bit of difficulty choosing a name. The winner was:

Sweet & Salty Beans 'N' Onions

This simple recipe proved to be quite tasty. Proving once again, that any food can be improved with the addition of balsamic vinegar or Tabasco (my fave).

Kidney and Black Beans

Chopping onions makes your eyes water.
Ask your mom to chop the onion. Adults
enjoy burning eyes.
We used an entire onion. I think
1/4 to 1/2 would be plenty for two cans
of beans.

Try not to spill the vinegar.
If your mom makes a mess, you can laugh
as you take a picture.

Pour carefully.
Add as much as you think looks right.

Add some olive oil.

Chill and Eat

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  1. Those look great! I make beans all the time, they are easy and so nutritious

  2. A neat recipe along with fun photo captions! I'm working on my blog list and will have to include you guys :)

  3. I think this looks delish! I had some baked beans the other day and could have eaten the whole thing! They were from a BBQ place in Central Florida called Peebles. Oh, how good they were!

    They have great black beans in St. Augustine... you need to try the black bean soup at the Columbia. It's so good!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Agree with you totally on the balsamic vinegar! Have you ever had it on strawberries?? Sounds a bit strange, but we had it once in Spain - the strawberries were soaked in a little balsamic vinegar, drained, and then served with really rice vanilla ice-cream. It was amazing - strange but amazing!

  5. what a great idea! My daughter loves beans... I'll try this.

  6. How cool is your daughter : ). I can tell she is going to take after her Mommy and be a great cook! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I think we might have a snow day tomorrow and we are SO excited : ). I am crossing my fingers.