Kimberly Who???

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Susan does a wonderful job in bringing us all together
to post outdoor photo. Susan, my apologies for my rather
lame post. I could only find one outdoor picture from
Put-in-Bay, and I refuse to go outside and show more
of my dead winter yard. Yuck.

While flipping through a photo album , I came across this photo of PG and
a baby doll. What caught my attention, was the sign. For the life of me,
I could not place Kimberly's Carousel. I figured that BG would remember.
She inherited my father's photographic memory. So did my younger sister.
What did the genetic genies give me, you may ask. Thinning hair comes to mind!

After three days of forgetting to ask my daughter where she would have
ridden Kimberly's Carousel, I turned to the man I love. No, not SH. This
time I needed help from my other man, Al Gore. Not only could I easily
locate the carousel, I found links to other places we had visited.

Put-in-Bay, Ohio is the home of not only Kimberly's Carousel, but fun
stores, and The Boardwalk - Put in Bay, a restaurant with the best lobster bisque. The scary thing
is, we have visited there more than once. You would think I might
have remembered.

I have been rather proud of myself for always making sure photos are
placed in albums. I have also created 22 scrapbooks, where I do add
descriptions, but the "I am too lazy to count" photo albums are brimming
with friends whose names I have forgotten, and destinations that we enjoyed,
but can't quite place. Yes, there is a lesson in there.


  1. LOL, Lisa! I need to take lessons from you because my photographs are a bit of a mess. But I do have a photographic memory... or did when I was young. ;-)

    Happy OW!



  2. Lisa,
    You are so funny, I enjoy coming by for a visit, I know you will have something to say that will always bring a smile to me.

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Lisa

    You are funny...easy to forget some of the little things (places,etc) with so many other things going on!

    Thanks for sharing your photo.


  4. Oh, honey, I'm with you on that forgetting the picture thing. I'm still cringing over my son's unfinished baby album -- and he's 28!

    All the best, Lana

  5. You go girl! I am impressed by your scrap booking. I have pictures, both in boxes and in albums, and albums waiting for pictures. And the slides.... After I scan the photos, I'm separating them into three piles by family and then instructing dh to put the pictures into albums according to said families. It's a start-so if I ever need a hard copy of the picture I'll know where to look.

  6. I'm not very good about remembering picture details, either! Have a super day!

  7. I am thhe same way. Can't remember squat! I could not remember what year I took my farside photo displayed today. Had to go search album after album. I did remember that it was taken with... a point and shoot camera that I carry in my purse. So thhat narrowed my search down. Think I used a manual mode. (One of the very first things you learn in photographhy school is to shoot and camera that has a manual mode, learn it and shoot it on manual.) I use the auto settings as well, but I do like manual. DH was behind me rushing me then the crowds started coming in all around me tapping on the glass to get the tiger to come over to us... I had to hurry!

    I think you have a very good photo there. And now you have your memories!

  8. You are wonderful to have even managed to get some of your pictures scrapbooked and in order Lisa! I have piles of envelopes and things that would turn your curls straight, I promise you!! It's a lovely photo of BG too - she was such a cutie, and is growing into such a great young woman! That carosel looks like just the sort of thing that Baby Kay would love - and if we ever go there for a trip I will send you a photo and write our names on the back so it won't drive you nuts 20 years from now!!

    Fiona x

  9. The picture is nice... I understand completely about forgetting where they were taken...

  10. I not remember that picture. I look so young in this picture. Like 6 or 7. I not sure where is it and I think it is from Six Flags or Cedar Point or somewhere place in Ohio.

  11. Those pictures are precious... Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading my post. I love that meme; it reminds me how lucky I am...

  12. Cute picture. I totally understand forgetting where and when pix were taken. We literally have 8 underbed storage boxes full of photos that we are trying to methodically scan and store. I think we've gotten about 1 row of 1 box done! Kathy

  13. Lisa,
    great photos....i need you....LOL...My photos are not in order...It's one of My To-Do list to organize my photos...Thank you for stopping by...Great OW...Katherinellen

  14. Love that photo! I need to start organizing mine. It's really getting out of control.