Toile Party

Because I love toile, I am excited to join in a party in its honor.
Go ahead and click on the Toile Party button for more pretty patterns.

Country Curtains Toile Duvet Cover

I like the dark wall color in the catalog photo. Our bedroom walls are Lowe's American Traditions Valspar in Belle Grove Light Amber. I chose this for our 1964 house, 'cause it feels like an old home, worthy of a National Trust for Historic Preservation paint color. In case you are new to my blog, that's supposed to be funny. Self-deprecation, or in this case, house-deprecation, is in my genes.

Our bedroom
(prior to new headboard)
The walls are a light amber, not the washed out shade that the flash produced.

Footboard Detail

Toile in Action

SH waking up on wrinkled sheets, and an empty duvet cover. Where is the duvet, you may ask. Well, for a very long time it was in the laundry room in need of a bath. It is now in linen heaven, because someone got grease and dirt on it. Mysterious things happen near our garage.

We also have these plates in blue and white. They used to reside in a tiered plate holder. To give the illusion of endless counter space, I packed them away. Hey, that foot of extra space could be the deciding factor for someone who wants this house...right?


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Great action shot! I love your duvet cover, it looks great with the iron bed. I have to admit I have never used a duvet and/or cover. I sort of don't get it. It's like a giant pillowcase for a blanket, essentially? My daughter Amanda wants a big poofy white duvet and she thinks it doesn't need a cover, but I am thinking that big poofy thing will be hard to wash, thus the cover is essential. Doesn't it bunch up? Well, I guess we will find out soon, we'll be shopping for bedding as soon as I finish unpacking. BTW, good luck selling your house!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Love your black and cream! It is stunning! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely toile day.


  3. Very nice, and hey, I love your header!

  4. Wow, toile beds seem so romantic! I think I'll file this choice in my stash for future inspiration! Love your new head and footboard!

  5. LOL Love the toile action shot :)

  6. I house-deprecate all the time, too! Your black-and-white toile is gorgeous!

  7. I love toile!! Love your plates, and especially your headboard!! Very nice!

  8. I am loving all the toile!! It's fun to see how everyone is using it in their decor.

  9. Toile is very 'on-trend' here in the UK at the moment Lisa, so not only is your decor lovely, you are also an honourary European for the purposes of this post!! I also admire you for a photo of non-ironed sheets! When we got married my husband told me as I was making the bed up that his Mum always ironed the sheets in their house before putting them on the beds. I told him she still could if she wanted. He hasn't mentioned it since. Does SH know he is being viewed on the internet in bed by women from afar??

    Love your decor too my friend, but you probably already knew that. Still keeping it all crossed that the house moves soon for you. Fiona x x

  10. And additional comment to answer your questions on my blog - since the chances of having a half hour to email you back this evening are remote! Rod is ill and I am flying solo! Her bracelet is the christening one my Dad bought her as her middle name was given for him (Frances), and yes, you have spotted the block truck. The blocks appear to taste better than they are to play with.

    The shape sorter bizarrely is made by Tupperware - it is a red and blue one I got in the US - in Baton Rouge I think - many years ago when I was building a baby box for my future baby, not realising it would be in storage for a long time!!

  11. Thanks for the nice comment on my toile pillows!
    I love the mix of the black and white toile with that deep orange. Beautiful color combonation! Your headboard is awesome too.

  12. oops I spelled combination wrong ;-)

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and if I decide to part with the chairs I will let you know!!! Love the plate.

  14. I've never seen toile with burnt orange. What a great combination! Toile plates... love them. Thanks for taking the time to link up!

  15. LOL! Lisa, you are a riot, and SH looks about like Mr. Magpie waking up with me either singing or shuffling to hit tunes from musicals! ;-)

    Love your toile! Love your bedroom! Love YOU and your self/house dreprecating wit!


    Sheila :-)

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear sweet Lisa! You already know what for! You are truly wonderful, thoughtful and kind.

    Fiona x x

  17. Thanks for sharing your beautiful toile and great sense of humor, I enjoyed both ; )

  18. Even though you love your toile plates, I think it was wise to pack them up. I've seen enough HGTV to know that it's staging, staging, staging!

    Just booked my next trip to Disney World today - I'm meeting one of my brothers and his family there in May, w00t! Looking forward to the Flower and Garden Festival. Hope you get to go soon!

    Tink *~*~*
    Fort Myers Beach Moon

  19. Hi Lisa
    Sorry I missed this post. I love toile too. Our bedroom is pink toile. Your room looks great.