Cincinnati Chili and Herring Salad

Many years ago I worked as a chef, or a cook, or someone who slaves in a hot kitchen, places platters of food on a buffet, and watches the vultures people attack. My job was to make hors d'oeuvres at a dance club. In many ways this was a super cool gig. I had free rein in choosing the menu, received a decent wage, and had an assistant.

Always on the look out for new recipes, I was overjoyed when my mother presented me with a rather fun cookbook, which I still use today. Not being a big fan of meat, I buy it less than six times a year. When I do, this chili is one of our favorites, proving that adding chocolate to anything, makes it better. Just in case I might forget, that this is our favorite, and it is yummy, I wrote those words on the rather soiled page. I bet the brown mark is chili powder.
Click to enlarge.
Herring was always often on the menu during my childhood. I introduced it to my husband, along with Chubs, sardines, and Whitefish.
This salad, which I make with fresh potatoes, since canned are sort of icky, in my opinion, is a great blending of flavors, and textures.

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  1. Wow, interesting that you had a job as a chef! The chili sounds delicious as I always love to eat it but can never find a recipe that my family will like! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Toni tells me you're moving! What is this crap? Oh well. I'll still read the blog.

  3. You always have the most amazing recipes Lisa. One of my favourite lunches when I was little was tinned sardines in tomato sauce all mushed down onto toast and grilled to perfection. Even the smell of them makes my teeth water now, but most people think I am weird for it! Glad to see someone else likes funky fishes!! F x

  4. I love cincinnati chili. The only problem is that my hubby is allergic to chocolate. I will make it while he is away on business. : )
    Good luck with the packing.

  5. It looks like your cook books are well used and well loved. I wouldn't know where to start to make hors d'oeuvres! Hope your packing is going well today.

  6. Happy packing and/or cookbook viewing!

  7. THinking of you as you pack, Lisa! I'm not a meat eater, but I do like fish. I love white fish... it's so delicate. And I enjoyed eating kippers for breakfast in England. Salmon is probably my favorite fish, though. I'd like to try your herring... somes good! :-)



  8. Less than six times a year? Really? Holy smokes.. I wish I bought meat less than six times a week. I am seriously in awe.