Bourbon Slush

A few months back, I poured gallons of alcohol down the sink, as if it were the middle of Prohibition, and the feds were knocking at the door. Okay, maybe it was just a half a dozen bottles, including some peach schnapps last opened sometime in the eighties, but it seemed very wasteful, except for watching the gin hit the drain. Gin tastes like rotting garbage. There are just some things that you can imagine entering your mouth, and how putrid they would taste. Gin, even the so-called good stuff, equals garbage. Bourbon is wonderful. Have ever heard of anyone serving gin chicken? My point exactly.

If I ever invite friends over for a shindig, this is the recipe that I will serve.

Bourbon Slush

2 cups sugar
9 cups water or 7 cups water and two cups tea (I use tea that I brew)
12 oz frozen orange juice concentrate (store brand is good- I use no pulp, as pulp makes me gag)
12 oz frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cups bourbon

Soda-Squirt, Wink, etc. You fill the glass with half slush and half soda, or you just let it melt a bit, and enjoy. Take a guess on how I best savor this concoction.

Bring the sugar and water to a boil. Simmer for15 minutes. Let the syrup cool then add frozen juices and bourbon. Freeze for a few days covered.

You need a big container or containers. It makes 2 1/2 quarts.

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