BG refers to tortellini as ears. If there are signs for specific pasta shapes, I am not aware. Finger spelling tortellini takes too long, so, to us, they will forever be known as ears.
PG's contribution to the names that stuck, would be happy shoes instead of Mary Janes. When she a child, she wore Mary Janes to "happy" birthday parties.

What silly words do you use?

Texas Tortellini Salad

Click for a readable recipe, complete with my lovely Photoshop editing job.

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  1. Ears sound good to me! For years we called blueberry muffins gumby muffins. I use to tell my daughter that gumby was in them. Do you remember that show? She loved gumby and would eat these muffins only if I called them gumby muffins. Strange. But it worked. Such a picky eater.

    The salad looks yummy!

  2. Looks fab! My children always call Sloppy Joes, Sloppy Eisenhours after a good friend of ours Joe Eisenhour.

    Have a wonderful day enjoying your yummy treats!

  3. Ears look good to me. My son used to call Peking Duck "peeking duck." It took him several years to get that one right!

  4. That looks so YUMMY!!!

    The only thing I can think of is we say 'twinnies' when someone is dressed alike.

  5. I'm not sure if it's the difference in language Lisa, but you already know about our trollies and wellies, and all sorts of other strange County Armagh words - but people still look at me when I talk about jammies - which is what we always called our pyjamas, and dootsies which are the inside core of an apple that's left when you've eaten the rest!

  6. My little cousin always said "kittles" for cats, and that stuck with us, too. :-)



  7. Nice pasta dish!
    My son used to call horses - horseycows and buffalo - buh-huh-hos. We still say that and he is 27 now. You should see strangers faces...

    marti @ forkingit.blogspot.com

  8. That look fabulous! Thanks for sharing with TATT!

    In our family - cows are simply known as "moos".

  9. Hi Lisa
    Your 'ears' salad looks and sounds great to me.
    As a child I would have maramalade on my toast but I never wanted any 'bargles'!! To me the bargles were the peel bits in the maramalade. My Mom never knew where that word came from. Maybe I invented it? To this day I still do not like 'bargles' but now we can get shredless marmalade or bargless to me!!

  10. Let's see off of the top of my head we say "Girl Cheese Sandwiches" and "Roasted Beast". But there are many many more in our family's vocabulary. :)

  11. Ears... perfect! A good friend has always called Mary Jane's happy shoes. I wonder if she does for the same reason.

    We call the storage room at my parents' house the "dirty basement" because my youngest brother named it when he realized that was the "dirty" part of the basement. It stuck.

  12. Wow! That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  13. Most of my silly words are reserved for my youngest daughter, who has learned to answer to any of the following names: Swinky, Swink, Foo, FooFoo, Bunny Foo, Bunny FooFoo, Poo, PooPoo, Poop, Poopy, Poopy Noodle, Foofy, Foofy Noodle, and most recently, BooBoo. She won't let me call her Poopy Noodle in front of anyone, though, I can't imagine why. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've called her Danielle.

    The ears look good. Alas, Poopy Noodle won't eat anything containing vinegar.

  14. I not know when I start use that word for sign. Everytime, you make food, make me love it...I miss eat those orange bars that you made 2 month ago. I want make those again haha!

  15. She loved gumby and would eat these muffins only if I called them gumby muffins. Strange. But it worked. Such a picky eater.

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