Desert Caravan or Baby Poo

Until now I considered myself extremely decisive

This morning was our walk through, or in my case, cough through. In between checking doors, and examining the walls, I was admonishing everyone to load up on the Purell. I don't think I am still contagious, and am hoping this hacking is more due to my asthma than anything, but I wouldn't want to be hanging out with me.

The interior paint colors have not all been chosen. After holding up the blue that I thought I would like in BG's bathroom, I changed my mind. It is a good thing we built a small house. If I can't choose paint colors for a three bedroom, two bath house, imagine the problems I would encounter with more spaces.

It is frightening when you start memorizing the names of paint colors.
This has been my reading material for countless hours.
I think this Desert Caravan by Behr will be the master bedroom color.
Depending on my mood, I either love it, or think it looks like baby poo.
This is the kitchen curtain material that we like from Country Curtains.
I have been very pleased with past purchases from that company.
Besides, if I look at too many fabrics, I will get mixed up even more than I am with the paint.
The counter is on the right, and the paint color is on the left.
SH chose the paint color-Golden Bronze by Glidden.

BG's room will be Sherwin Williams Potentially Purple.
The laundry will be Daffodil, also by SW.
The master bath will be Spiced Gingerbread by Glidden. This is possibly because I like the name.

We once had a bathroom painted Happy Camper. I believe I chose that paint by the sound of the name.

SH wants the hall and living room to be painted with various colors, just like in the model.

Good luck on that one.

Who wants to bet that the living room remains SW Swiss Coffee, which is what the builder used.
SH is rather optimistic in his thinking that BG and I will be painting the entire house in a week.
My hope is for the laundry, and BG's room to be completed by the time the moving truck arrives.

I can't wait to paint!
Okay, would you believe, I can't wait to move?
That's more like it.


  1. WoW, it looks like a ton of progress is being made. ' Lovin' the colors, especially the fabric for the kitchen. Take care of yourself and that cough.

    Have a terrific day dreaming and painting!!!

  2. Double wow!! Have to agree, good thing you have no more than 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. LOL. Your color choices look really good to me though!!! I can't wait to see the finished product! did you have the flu? I wondered where you'd been, I hope you are doing better. Whatever it is must be really hard to kick!

  3. It looks great, I love that golden bronze color! Woohoo, I can't wait to see it finished. Don't kill yourself doing too much, you'll be there quite a while so why rush? I am STILL not sure of my colors, I only painted 3 rooms and I'm here nearly 8 months.

  4. I understand the confusion about paint colors. It took me forever to get our house the way I wanted it. I still walk through and think, "I should redo this room!"

  5. Lisa, I am loving this! Oh, this is fun!

    Before you paint the kitchen, I have a color from Benjamin Moore that I am not going to use in my study because I need to go more grey brown with it due to my furniture. It's called Chestnut. It looks on my monitor very similar to what Gary picked.

    Anyhow, I have a full gallon of it. Do you want me to bring it over to you and see if you can use it? I also have a little paint thingy from Sherwin Williams of mocha if you want to play with it. Am I really playing with your head or what? Nothing like MORE colors to confuse the issue. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Love the paint colors, and love Country Curtains. I have them in our kitchen and family room. I fell in love with the color Saybrook Sage about two years before I was married and before I even met my husband. Then we were married in Old Saybrook. SO, go figure. I am all about fall in love with paint names... :)

    Hope all goes smoothly with the move. Can't wait to see the before and after paint shots.

  7. Hi Lisa
    Good luck with choosing your paint colors. I love the paint names especially spiced gingerbread. We have just painted with toasted almond! The kitchen curtain material looks great. Look forward to seeing your lovely new home finally completed.
    Hope you get rid of your cough soon.

  8. Good luck. When we repainted a few years ago, I ended up getting professional help (no, not the kind of professional help I TRULY need, but a designer. It wasn't that expensive at all and worth every penny.

  9. I may need the "other type" of professional help--not what Belle referred to ;-)

    I like your choices. Now I'm going to get them confused with my choices. I am thankful that I don't have as many colors to choose as you. Just when I think I have a kitchen color chosen, something else in the game plan changes and I have to scrap it.

    I can't wait to see your colors on the walls and everything moved in. I know you can't wait either ☺

  10. I remember how exciting the walk-through was for us when our home was finally finished! That was 6 years ago but I'm still debating what colors to paint some of the rooms. That's a long time to live with builder-white! Ha. I may be the most indecisive person in the world. :)

  11. I'm so excited for you! So many projects and places to paint and decorate! Can't wait to see your progress:)

  12. I like the paint colors you chose!!! Such a hard thing to decide! But remember it is only paint!! You can repaint...a pain but you can change it!
    When we changed the paint in our house......before we moved in we hired a painter....very expensive.........when he finished I was not to sure about the colors. We moved in and the furniture did change the look. The colors grew on me! Have fun and enjoy the process!

  13. Am arriving with sample paint in tow! It's in the back of the car.

    Mr. Magpie is now officially down for the count. Not sure what. He spent the day at Mayo, but he has fever, etc. I hope it's not the crud!


    Sheila :-)

  14. Thanks for the suggestion of Country Curtains. Spent some time there today looking for curtains for our living room/dining room. And you thought you were indecisive?? I still can't make up my mind on what I want!!! Have fun with the painting!!!

  15. Paint selection is one of the hardest choices to make. Just remember, it is only paint and it is not permanent. :)