Yeah for Color!

SH's goal is to have every room in our new house painted by Christmas. Considering the fact that he has an asthmatic wife, and a daughter who isn't exactly handy with a brush, he welcomed the help when a very special guest worked her magic with a roller. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see her in action.

Painting Progress:
Our bedroom is now Desert Caravan by Behr
Ignore the too small lamps, and the lumpy bed covering.
Doesn't the black headboard look pretty?
BG calls this the Halloween bedroom.
The paint is not orange.
It just appears that way in a certain light.
The laundry room is Daffodil, a Sherwin Williams color.
We had it color matched by Behr.
BG drew the framed picture. It is my favorite.
She wrote, "Oh lady she has rainbow hair."
I can't recall how old she was when she drew it,
but it hung in the kitchen of our old house for as long as I can remember.
BG's room is Potentially Purple.
This was another SW paint, color matched by Behr.
It is quite a bit brighter than it appears in this photo.
On Saturday, the kitchen will be painted Golden Bronze, a Glidden color,
and yep, we had it color matched by Behr.
If anyone is feeling generous, the chandelier that we want is
the Montserrat Chandelier in cream.
Oh, and SH's car, well, it is sounding mighty sick, and it has developed a rust rash near the front windows.
I thought I should add that, just in case the chandelier is less than you wanted to spend this Christmas.
We still haven't chosen living room paint.
The hall, BG's bathroom, and the office/box room/blow up mattress guest retreat/exercise room
also remain bare.


  1. Hi Lisa
    Your rooms look great. I love the colors you have chosen. Your headboard looks very stylish and goes really well with the wall color in there. Glad your special guest helped out with the roller!

  2. That is ambitious for this time of year! But what a nice Christmas gift to have a freshly painted house! All the colors you picked look so great!

  3. Lisa, I love what you've done, and since I've seen it first hand, I can attest to the fact that the bedroom is a beautiful color. I think it's a light pumpkin and very warm and welcoming.

    Can't wait to see your guest strut her stuff! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Oh, and I love BG's room, too! She picked a pretty color. :-)

  5. Your colors really pop. What a job to accomplish this time of year. I'm sure you will get~er~done!!!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  6. Looks like you chose nice colors. Your house is coming together, and I know you're keeping busy unpacking, decorating, etc...

  7. I like it...My bedroom is exactly same size of my old bedroom. But new room had one window and old bedroom had two windows.

  8. Your bedroom is wider in this house. The length might be the same. I know it is wider, because there is more room at the end of the bed, and you had the same bed placement.

  9. Wow Lisa, it all looks great to me!! Whatever you choose for you bedroom will be great!!

  10. I love the colors you chose...wanna come paint my house? We still have all white walls, waiting on the man of the house to get inspired, lol...it may be awhile!

  11. It's looking great! I think the colors are lovely. Plus, humorously, we have some of the same colors in our house!

  12. I LOVE Bg's room, purple is my favorite color ;)

    It all looks great, actually.