Goldilocks and the Three Lamps

Because Tracy asked, here is a peek at the house. The house is new, but working with our old furniture and possessions, hasn't exactly netted us a show place. Tracy has a really pretty home, and a great style of decorating. When it comes to decor, I am a floundering fool who loves blue. I don't have as much blue in this house, and I miss it.

If you are a Facebook friend, you know that our new living room furniture is now being placed in my mouth. I will be blogging about my teeth, but I will wait until at least phase one is completed. Let me just tell you, one has not lived until temporary veneers fall off three of their top teeth.

There is a reason the dentist wouldn't let me see after he drilled my teeth into teensy squares. Well, I showed him. I got a lovely peek when I bit into something and cracked off half the top. I am now terrified of eating until the porcelain versions are cemented in place. That would be a blessing, except pudding and ice cream have been my food picks.
A Lamp Story

In our previous house in the Arctic, there was a long window above the bed.
The tiny lamps didn't seem as small, but with the high headboard, and the large wall, we needed different lamps.

The Shaker style furniture, which I chose in 1992, is not being replaced, even though am sort of sick of it. I don't hate it, but I really would love a something more traditional. SH would like a younger wife, but he is not replacing me. I have no idea why I thought of that. Maybe because my bra is really tight, and my brain...oh, wait, that's men who think with their... Breasts aren't genitals, right? When speaking of sex organs we don't include anything above the waist.

We found these lamps at Pier One. SH tried to talk me into the leopard shades, but just going for a more modern lamp base was being brave.

 Paiden Lamp

I loved these lamps, but they were too small.
Ignore the missing pillow shams. Most likely they were on the floor.
SH makes the bed, and he is not a fan of decorative pillows.
That is why we are down to two throw pillows, and they are always on the chair.
There appears to be an article of clothing on the bed. Just keepin' it real, as they say.

The shades on the dresser lamps need to be re-glued, or replaced.

Then I found what looked like the perfect lamp. 
Pottery Barn Chelsea Lamps
Before we headed to PB, I suggested we run into Target.
SH grimaced (in his defense, I had dragged him through HomeGoods for over an hour), but off we went.
This was a good move, because we found lamps for a lot less money.
Of course we had to drive to a second Target, because the first store only had one shade.

Oh, and I totally embarrassed SH while we were at the second store. At the checkout I discovered a flaw in the shade. This meant that I had to go back and search through a stack until I found a flawless shade. The cashier, as well as SH thought I was being too picky, but I found a shade that was nice.

 Target knock-off lamps
The shades are a textured beige linen, not white, like they appear in the photo.
I am 25 in the picture that is on SH's nightstand. He has never suggested updating that photo.

Last, but not least, I must thanks Mrs. Magpie for her suggestion of moving the smaller lamps to the dresser. 
I am very happy with having a light to turn on when I enter the room, and I like the way they look.


  1. Looks really nice! Sorry about your dental problems!

  2. I love your new lamps and they are proportioned so much better on either side of the bed. 'Loving those little lamps moved to the dresser. Kudos girlfriend!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend!!!

  3. Those lamps do look nice. I think my hubby would like the new and improved wife version 2.0 also. Too bad!

  4. I love your new lamps, Lisa, and I'm proud of you for getting the shade without the flaw. No wonder we're friends! :-)

    I think the little lamps look cute in the pic, and I didn't notice their shades needing to be glued. They looked nice to me.

    I think you need to figure out how to get blue into your living room. I have to have blue in a house, too. I understand the need. I'm a blue person who is still trying to pick a brown for her study. What has it been... over a year??? Sigh.


    Sheila :-)

  5. LOve the new lamps!!! Your room looks great to me. And what is it about men and decorative pillows? You really crack me up, however, not sure about your teeth problem, but I don't blame you. Good reason to eat ice cream and pudding though!!

  6. If you wanted to change the little lamps to shades that match the new lamps you could spray paint the bottom of it to match the new lamps too (black?). Then it woul dlook like you got three new lamps for a little more money.

    I'm sorry about your extensive dental issues. I had to have a little work done last week and must return next week, hopefully for just a cleaning.

  7. WHOA! LOVE IT! Great lamps, and I am loving the wall color with the black and white toile. Also I really like the furniture, I'm sorry you are tired of it. I've always been a fan of shaker style. Have you considered painting it? It would look really amazing black, but that would admittedly be a boatload of work. (And you should probably ignore me because I'm still in my paint-it-black phase.) Your accents really pull it together, too!

    Sorry about the dental issues, enjoy the ice cream and pudding though, I'm on a diet so eat some for me! Can't wait to see your new smile!

  8. That is very nice lamps. I still call it "Halloween Room" haha! When I am older and visit you and tell you that I remember when I was 17 and call "Halloween Room" haha! I will read that post when I get older...Laugh at halloween room pictures. Haha. But it is not really Halloween Room. Lol.

  9. I totally agree - finding the right lamp can be a truly overwhelming and time consuming task!

  10. I think it looks good (she says, rising from the corn...)! I wanted Shaker style furniture at one time. If you aren't attached to it, I'd say paint it. I think it would look awesome. Glad you found some reasonable lamps--Target rocks for that kind of thing.

    As for the dental work--I totally understand. I owned a good chunk of my dentist's sports car a few years back--enough that he offered to loan it to me for the weekend.

    Hoping to get back to the blogging world soon.

  11. I like your decorating style! Choosing lamps is not an easy task. Sorry to hear about the dental trouble, that's the worst!

  12. Hi Lisa
    I LOVE your news lamps. Your bedroom looks gorgeous. I love your bedlinen and furniture. Sorry you are having tooth problems. My husband is having problems with his teeth too and it's driving him (and me) mad!

  13. I've just eaten a couple slices of pizza, my first one's since my very very expensive root canal/crown. I feel your pain Lisa. My tooth cost me more than my girlfriends plane ticket, gas, food, and I haven't even left yet.
    So I have a ? If you're not a "crowd person" will you be sitting in the corner watching all the fun at my party with Stella on your lap? LOL
    I think we will get along extremely well. Can't wait to meet you. Actually now that I think of it, are we going out Friday night for dinner with you? AHHHHHHH is that why? Ok it's all coming together now. I hope we make it to the beach house on Friday?? You just never know being the "Thelma and Louise'' Julie and I are lol
    7 more sleeps before we hit the road. See you soon.
    Love Claudie

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  15. Target is one of my favorite stores for pricing and their selection. I like your lamps a lot. If it were up to me though my house would be wall to wall thrift shop, vintage or antique. Unfortunately my SO has funny (modern) taste. Luckily he is a sweetie so I get away with a lot. I see you will be at Ms. Magpie's lunch. Cool. That will be fun!

  16. The lamp is so elegant perfect in your living room. Your living room looks great with this lamp. No need of interior designer you did it great.