Butt Wiping with the Wests

In an attempt to limit bathroom visits by guests*, I have always bought Scott toilet paper. It feels a bit like sandpaper, so there is the added benefit of dead skin cell sloughing as you wipe. Single-ply is plumber endorsed, and of course, it is cheap. There is also a family history of use. My mom switched to Scott after some sort of plumbing disaster where the basement was playing host to floating poop. While I have vague memories of that disaster, fear overcomes me when I even so much as glance at double-ply on the grocery store shelf.
For many years, I saved the cardboard tubes.  Wrapped in crepe paper, and filled with candy, they made adorable crackers for birthday party favors. If I were so inclined, I could start looking through scrapbooks, to show you my creations.

I did look through a few birthday scrapbooks, but gave up, and decided to vacuum the slats in the door where the heat pump is located, read a bit of a blog, and texted PG, until she decided that even though she will most likely be voting for losers, she would vote today.

When I die, I want to know that both of my children will not skip an election.
That doesn't seem like asking too much.

Oh, and I found two, yes two, dried up toads in the house today. The first, I spotted when a workman was here. The sweet man scooped it up while I was drinking my coffee, trying to stay out of his way. The second was next to the heat pump.

These dead amphibians make me sad. They must be quickly hopping inside when I am not noticing, as the doors are never left open. We barely open the doors, since we have limited our guests with our toilet tissue choice.

Now, back to the reason for this post: 
Kimberly-Clark Rolls Out Tube-free Scott Toilet Paper

Yeah, I am excited!  

 *This goes back to me thinking that certain people won't properly wash their hands, thus spreading microbes of fecal matter throughout the house. Mrs. Magpie, rest assured that this does not apply to you. Come to think of it, it mainly applies to males. Study after study has shown, that men are not as neurotic as they should be.

Yes, I had the Scott t.p. photo on my computer. Vote, take pictures of everything, and always wash your hands, is my advice to all.