Floor Cleaning with Pantiliners

Thinking I would do a bit of Googling, in hopes to pad this blog post (love those pathetic puns), I came upon info that, well, I just did not want to read. Damn it! As if I am not neurotic enough, I have to read this:
Danger of wearing pantyliner everyday

No, no, no, I will never give up my pantyliners. I love the fresh feeling their use as a floor cleaner, which I will explain in a moment.

I am all too familiar with what some view as the absurdity of daily pad wearing, unless one is menstruating, or has incontinence. Back when the concept was new, I was eating dinner with my then beau's family, trying to feign sophistication, which when you are 19, is beyond silly.

It was bad enough that said guy wanted me to lie about my age, hoping his family wouldn't think of him as a cradle robber (he was), and that one of his nieces said I had a valley girl voice (I didn't). His sister started in on the ludicrousness of pantyliners. I sat silent back then, but never again.

Pantyliner are one the best inventions on earth. Yes, they are.  Not only do they catch errant drips of urine, blood, or vaginal secretions, but they are perfect for floor cleaning.

Upon removing your pantyliner, flip it sticky side out, and use it to catch a few hairs that have fallen to your bathroom floor. No matter how good of a housekeeper you think you are, there will always be hair, and fuzz.
Here's your proof:

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  1. Well, here I thought I'd done went and heard everything on the views of cleanin'. We all know how I love clean! Heeehehehe!

    Never in a million years would I have thought...hummm..that would be great to clean my floors. :o)

    See, ya can teach an old dog new tricks!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic fall weekend sweetie!!!