Paper Doll Halloween Costume

Source- Family Fun

This is my dream Halloween costume. My childhood was filled with paper dolls. Each month I would wait for my mom's McCall's magazine, excited by the promise of a new Besty McCall  paper doll.
While Betsy was fun, she was a little girl. Even as a five year old, I longed to be an adult. My bride and groom paper dolls might not have been made of flesh, but they were grown ups.

While many a tab was accidentally snipped off, as I painstakingly cut out the outfits, I simply invented the Land of Crooked, a place ruled by Queen Off Kilter. What I lacked in eye hand coordination, I made up for in imagination

All these years later, I am still ruling, and still mighty crooked.


  1. Oh my goodness glory!!! Betsy McCall paper dolls, I loved 'em.

    That is just the cutest costume ever!

    Have a blessed day sweetie!!!

  2. I remember cutting those out, and trying to hang them on the little cardboard doll with a shoulder tab missing and the bottom cardboard support too bent and abused to let her stand up. Yeah, that was too much work for me, I had more fun using my mom's fabric scraps to make slutty Barbie outfits.

  3. Love it!!!! I too was a paper doll queen.......many of which I made myself. You brought back a lot of fond memories:D

  4. This is too cute. I still have some of my old paper dolls

  5. Ah! This is greatness! I bought a Grace Kelly paper doll just a few weeks ago.


  6. I loved Betsy McCall, too! And that would be such a cute costume!



  7. So cute! I love it!

    Suzanne : )