IKEA Mirrors

malma mirror

Using IKEA’s Malma mirror as the starting point, I created a button mirror.

ikea mirror

A quick raid of my button jar, a glue gun, and a few coats of white spray paint, made it easy to create this mirror.


The mirror now resides with my collection of white china pieces.


In our previous home, it hung on the bathroom wall.

Farther down the wall, four painted Malma mirrors are hung above the china cabinet. I originally was going to embellish these in some manner, but have decided with input from SH, who wishes we could start over, and decorate the entire house in mid century modern, that this pop of white in its plain state, looks great.

I know, the window needs more than just a blind. Any ideas on what would work?


Parting shots of the cute buttons, complete with thread remnants and shabbied up paint.

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  1. Lisa, look at your house, it's so stinkin cute! The button mirror is adorable and I like where you put it. I totally love your white pottery wall against that beautiful paint color. And the mirror grouping is perfect over your hutch.

    Mid-century modern, I don't get, the look just doesn't speak to me. Overrule him!

  2. You are so creative. Very neat idea for the Ikea frame. I would add a small plain valance. Something with a little pop of color and not pattern. But that's just me.

  3. Hi Lisa
    Love your pretty button mirror. It looks so good. I enjoyed taking a peek at your beautiful house today :)

  4. LOVE IKEA!!! I need a minute to reflect upon your mirror... Button me up, it's Cute! hardy-har-har...

    Thanks for droppin in at THE BOLD ABODE! I'll have to check into Candy Sniffers Anonymous...hehehehe...

  5. Hey Girl, your little button mirror is just the cutest thing ever!!! This would be a great activity to do with the grandkiddos or even my Kid's Church. My granddaughter Honor has her very own button collection.

    God bless ya and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Love crafting projects that are inexpensive and don't require alot of work! The mirror looks so cute and I may have to scrounge around for some buttons and hot glue! PS. Love the colors on your walls and how the white trim just makes them pop!

  7. I adore what you did. And how did I miss this post??? How??? I follow, and it didn't show up on my reader. Patti said the same thing about my posts.

    I'm so glad I got to see this, Lisa. You are TALENTED.



  8. The button mirror would make a wonderful gift for someone who sews, too. It looks like something from a fancy boutique now, not Ikea.