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Barefooted, Vodka Swilling, Incestual Gardener

Sugar and spice
And everything nice,
That's what Lisa's blog is made of


Do people find my blog by searching for:

Fuck you I prefer vodka
mean quotes
Fuck you people
fuck you quotes
quotes fuck


Are these euphemism for sugar filled recipes?

I prefer beer to vodka, although lately I have been enjoying iced tea with a shot of citrus Skyy vodka. The reason I bought the Skyy vodka, was I wanted the blue bottle. The vodka is rather yummy, though.

Come watch me weed!
Gaze at my extra long toes!
Yes, I have written about my less than beautiful feet, but I do not have the world's longest toes. Oh, okay, maybe I do. Someone found this blog by searching for the "world's longest toes".
My toes might be long, but I have never even contemplated sleeping with my brother in laws. No, no, I haven't had any thoughts about any of my brother in laws, yet someone found my blog with a search for "sleeping with my brother in law". WEIRD!

"Thank you for coming to my weeding" landed another person in this spot. Yes, yes, I do a bit of weeding, but I doubt anyone would want to watch. In fact, I hope no one is watching, since I often am in my garden, wearing clothes more suitable for sleeping, and I shower AFTER I garden, not before. No one would thank me for witnessing that.

I will end with what I think is a pretty place. My corner garden has been very happy during this rainy summer.

 One of my weeding spots, filled with lantana, marigolds, cosmos, and a few other types of flowers, whose names escape me. Yellow bush daisies, maybe. I forget. Whatever they are called, they look pretty.

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