Ikea KNUFF Magazine Holder Shelf

One of my first Pinterest pins, was of the ubiquitous IKEA KNUFF magazine holder, turned on its side, and used as a shelf. When I checked the link, I noticed the writer also used the word ubiquitous. Now I am wondering if that word was stuck in my head for months. Spooky.

Speaking of Pinterest, besides the pins that link to spam, there are way too many pinners who do not link to actual blog posts, but instead link to the main page of a blog. Come on, how difficult is it to link to the actual entry? It is easy peasy, you annoying twits. Hopefully, these pinners are just morons, and not sadistic assholes, who sit at home, picturing people scrolling through blogs, in search of a recipe, or an idea that had been posted eight months ago.

I love Pinterest.  

Yes, despite the moronic twit assholes, I love it. I do. 

Manilla envelope storage, as well as a file cabinet, is what we have here. Messily organized, but easy to grab, is my motto when it comes to storing appliance repair booklets, and other never looked at, but very important papers.

And then we have MY DESK

My KNUFF shelf in all its bad paint job glory, showcasing some of my OPI nail polish collection, as well as assorted goodies, that I can, and will explain.

And now for the first installment of What's on your KNUFF.

One of my hairs, which depending on your point of view, resembles Brillo, or a freakishly long pube.
Oh, and a pencil from The World Golf Hall of Fame.

No, I did not arrange the bottles as to hide their fronts. That just happened.
Japanese Rose Garden, Planks A Lot, Dusk Over Cairo, Sparrow Me The Drama, flanking a bottle of Creative Air Dry Finish. OPI has the best names, and the best polish.

A pair of cheap hoops, which I am thinking can be brought back to their former shiny glory, with some spray paint. That will never happen, but I like the idea, so they will remain on my desk.

Our heat pump uses air filters that are not readily available in stores. I order them from Amazon, because it pisses me off that the builder used a company who expects you to order from them. In protest, for screwing us over with specialty filters, I refuse to ever call them.

Tracy from A Comfy Little Place of My Own, is my decorating hero. In my mind, my spray painted Mason jar is on the same level as her gorgeous silverware displays. I will never get close to her skill in arranging a vignette, but I can dream. Pencils, pens, and a knitting needle, are what we have here.

BG built this recipe box, so when I replaced it with a larger version, I decided to house Sharpies in it. Like most moms, child-built projects make me all squishy feeling inside, even when the child is now a mini adult.

After I pulled out a photo of my fourth birthday party, to use on Facebook, I was too lazy to place it back in the album, so it remains on my desk.

BG used this photo at her graduation. It looked super adorable on a giant screen, next to her senior picture. She was just the cutest toddler. Yeah, I know, so was your favorite kiddo. They all are!

Behr Ground Nutmeg paint chip for the potting bench that SH built.

Gift card to a kitchen store, and a Country Curtains fabric sample that I would like to use for drapes.

So much neater!

 But I still need to order those filters, so the giant reminder must remain.
What's on your desk?


  1. I've been seeing more and more on pinterest people using them in such crafty ways. Love this it would so organize my desk!

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting SweetJeanette and leaving your sweet comment. YES! This would be a great idea for you to start. My nieces all look forward to it every year around their birthday. With four of them (the youngest will be 5 next year!) it's going to be a busy year now. LOL But, I never knew it meant so much to them. I'm sure it will be a treasured memory for you too!
    So, another Florida girl, eh? Cool! I wonder if we're "neighbors"...

  3. Oh yes I'm a fan! I'm actually off to Ikea tomorrow hubs needs a desk but I'm planning on bringing back some magazine & spice racks! Well done

  4. Hey Lisa, thanks for coming by Quirky Vistas and leaving me a comment on my post. You are so right! I should have the hula doll have some blogging adventures. Of course my daughter saw it and wanted it. For all the grief I get from my girls about the stuff I bring home, they always seem to want to claim things for their own. I may have to think about keeping the hula chick and working her into my stories. Great idea!

    1. PS: Thanks for following. I'm now following you as well!

  5. What a cool and simple idea! Stopping by from the what about hop- have a super weekend! And if you'd like to join our photo friday hop- we'd love for you to link up. Cheers!

  6. That looks great! What a good idea. Unfortunately, my desk has just about everything on it, so I've been using the kitchen table, which forces me to put things away more quickly.