Pinecones on Display

Pinecones are a staple of holiday decor, but as someone who doesn't do jack squat much in the way of decor change with seasons, or celebrations, I display a large pinecone all year round. It is placed upon a candle stand that I picked up at a thrift store for a buck. Other than the fact that the pinecone is a dust magnet, I like the way it adds a touch of nature to the bathroom counter.

On the toilet back, there is a box of Magnolia pods. I will show you those in their constantly in need of a bath glory, at another time. Let's just say, there isn't any way those things are a sanitary addition to a home. They look sort of interesting, so until I get sick of washing them, they shall stay.

The photo frame was a gift from my daughters, many years ago. The photo is of dad, and daughter hiking in some Pennsylvania forest. The little birdie box makes me smile. I am not a fan of the feathered variety, except for hummingbirds. Those, I admit, are adorable. Lately, I have been liking bird salt and pepper shakers. 

Pinecone ideas that caught my eye:


  1. I LOVE your shower curtain! Thanks for the visit today! Following you back.


  2. Cute! Just found ya through the linkup!
    I like that pinecone tattoo...

  3. I love bringing nature inside!!!! Following back!!

  4. I like all of those pinecone ideas! We have a tree in our front yard that drops the cutest small pinecones. I am excited to make a wreath. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. Love the pinecones! I'm a big fan of nature. I'm on a "sticks" kick right now - got some curly willow branches in a corner of my dining room and pussy willow for the foyer. I'm not familiar with magnolia pods.

  6. I love pine cones! Pity there are no forests near me to just go pick some up.
    Visiting from the 300 blog hop!

  7. I love all the pinecone ideas. Perfect for fall! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back from What's Cooking in the Burbs. Have a great Sunday!