Shaker Table

 Side Table Revamp



This little lamp table was in dreadful condition when I found it at Goodwill. I knew with some wood filler, sanding, and a few coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White, the scratches, and hole would be replaced with cuteness.

I can see you shaking your head, wondering why I didn't use chalk paint. Am I the only chalk paint virgin left? I know I need to try it, and I will, but I am still loving the results of the old standbys - Heirloom White, and Oil Rubbed Bronze, not to mention plenty of plain ol' black.

After removing the lamp portion, I taped up the hole's underside, and filled that baby with wood putty. I then went after the deep gouges with more wood putty.  Rain prevented me from finishing, so I parked the table next to my dolly, ignoring her disdainful looks, as she wondered how many weeks, or months until I got around to finishing the table. We won't go there, since it is finished now!

The table top is perfect enough for me, i.e., some of you perfectionists might have worked harder, but it looks great to me. I was all set to sand a bit, and go for a cute distressed look, but I was liking the solid color, and put down the sandpaper. Should I go back, and rough it up a bit? Would the knob look better in a different color?

A potted fittonia, which is proving extremely difficult for me to grow, despite taking it in the shower with me for added humidity, is perched upon a gift wrapped book. Dolly Parton's bio completes the look. Dolly P. seems sweet, but I really chose the book for its gold cover.

This room is also known as the Halloween room, ever since a mover agreed with BG that yes, the walls were reminiscent of his last Jack-o-lantern. No, exploded pumpkin was not the look I intended when I chose Desert Caravan by Behr. It looks better at night. It really does. Camels, and sand are often make appearances in my dreams, so perhaps the paint was correctly named.

Halloween 365 days a year. 
a sweet reading nook?
Don't answer that, question, please.

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  1. The table looks really great!!! Completely new fresh look....Hope I can learn new things from you..Am following you.Have a great day!!

  2. Hey! I am a chalk board paint virgin too. I imagine someday I will find something to use it on, just not yet. Love the table.

  3. It turned out really great.

    I think chalkboard paint is cool, but this table is so perfect in white.

  4. Nice table, I like it a Lot and...the dolly too.

  5. Hey Lisa! Great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog... following you back :)


  6. A sweet reading nook. That's really cute!

    Dropping by to say Happy Fall and hope you are feeling better...

    Love you, Lisa!



  7. It came out great! No need to distress, it's perfect just as it is!

  8. I love it - I don't even know what chalk paint is, so your one up on me. I'm wondering if it is called something else here. I have learned the need for filler though. Amazing hoe pain transforms things.

  9. It's a sweet reading nook. You did great!

  10. Love how your table came out! Looks nice and new!!

    Thanks for joining the CHQ Blog Hop last week! We hope you've found some fun new blogs to follow!!
    xo, Meredith @ www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com

  11. I think it looks lovely! Great transformation
    Saw you sharing at It's So Very Cheri/Cupcakes and Crinoline party.
    Debbie :)

  12. Nice fresh new look. Cute vignette on top too.

  13. Love the table. It looks great. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute at http://sister-number-5.blogspot.com

  14. Great re-do. That is a drastic difference. Much better now!

  15. You are not the only chalk paint virgin out there....so am I! Should we order some ASCP today?!? Great job on the side table, wonderful transformation. Visiting from Coastal Charm, Angela @ Mrs. White Twig & Tea

  16. The transformation turned out wonderful! Way to go! Thank you for joining TTF last week. Hope to see you again. Have a fun day!

  17. I absolutely LOVE your little white table now! I think it was distressed enough to start with! LOL! Perfect now!

  18. I like the sweet little table white with a white knob and not sanded to look shabby. It has settled right in to you reading corner. Visiting from A Delightsome Life.

  19. Awesome Transformation! This little table is so precious...I love it! Thanks for sharing at Junkin Joe...sending hugs...

  20. Such a great makeover Lisa! Thanx for sharing at THT!

  21. You know what - staying with what you like and what you love is a good thing - you've recreated this table marvelously! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,