Snakey Thing

Back when I was a sweet, innocent college girl, I watched a friend eat his boogers.  This wasn't a surreptitious little finger dance in a nostril. This was a big time archeological dig, followed by a chow down on nose crap.

I felt sort of voyeuristic, but in an icky way. Instead of jumping up, and screaming, " If you're going to give me a personal show, please involve body parts other than your nostrils.", I remained silent., pretending that I was napping. As I have mentioned, I was younger, and sweeter. Do this in front of me now, and I would grab your hand, and march you to a sink, whereupon I would watch as you scrubbed your fingers raw.

This friend is now a doctor, and my only hope is that he washes his hands before patient contact. I do many a weird thing. We are talking pee in the shower level, not eating booger disgust. If I ever have the urge, I would grab a bowl of the snot veggie, or what some people refer to as okra. Just thinking about that slimy gunk filled vegetable, and I feel queasy.

Besides eating okra, cleaning out bathroom sink drains reminded me of booger eating. Not that I had anyone watching, nor was I tempted to taste any of the mucky hair goo that I fished out, but my mind started wandering to boogers. They could fall into the sink when one washes her face. It is possible. Therefore, that hair clump could have nose matter in it.

In my excitement to share, I forgot to don a pair of gloves.

My latest adventure in drain cleaning involved a new toy. At the Pecan Park Flea and Farmer's Market, which touts itself as the largest flea market in Jacksonville and North Florida, I found this snakey thing, complete with amazing goo gripping Velcro. It replaced the untwisted metal hanger that I had been using with much less success. 

Oh, how I love thee, and all your goo gripping charms.

The snake thingy is so much fun to use. Really, I wish I could visit everyone, and clean out their drains. Okay, maybe that is a wee exaggeration, but like my nose picking friend, I get a certain thrill over seeing what I can extract from round openings. 

Yummy, eh?

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