Touring the Garden in the Heat

Have a seat on the yellow and white polka dot cushion, so you can have a view of the water.
Don't you worry about me. I will be fine without a pillow. 
My naturally padded behind was made for the chair. 
Oops, I forgot to bring out some refreshments for us. 
That's okay. The beauty of the surroundings will take our minds off of our parched throats.

Look over there!
No, not at the pile of dog poop in the foreground.
See the duckies behind the fence?

I agree. They are just adorable.

 Okay, enough sitting. Come along...

Look at this pink Hibiscus. Isn't she pretty?
This is the third summer that I have managed to keep her alive.
Yeah me!

This is how she looked a few months back.
With my amazing skill, or what others refer to as water, and fertilizer, 
I brought her back to a dark green leafy splendor

Look at my doggie at the door.
He wants to go inside.
Wow, it sure is hot!

These are Alstroemeria 
Aren't they pretty?
Yes, I will ask you to compliment each flower. 
When I am satisfied with your enthusiasm, I will then offer you a cold drink.
Keep smiling, and nodding.
I like that.

I grew the Cosmos from seed.
Act all impressed, as if it takes great skill to dump a seed packet into a pot of soil, and keep it watered.
Thank you.
Let's take a look at another.

And another.

 And two more!

Yes, I agree that the color of this flower is stunning.

It's a good thing you are visiting the garden early in the season.
(or you're a time traveler)
I may or may not have let the tall pink flowers croak.
They were pretty, even if I forget their name.
The flowers in the foreground are still alive.
Is that an ooh, and an aw?  Good, good...keep walking.

Yes, you guessed it.
I grew the Marigolds from seeds.
Yes, I realize Marigolds are extremely rare, and you have never seen them.


More pink flowers!
These are Geraniums, another rare species.
Yes, you are so lucky to get to see them.
It sure is hot out here.
You're doing well.
Let's keep walking.

Zinnias are my favorite. 
The yellow are okay, but the pink are extra pretty.
The butterfly agrees. 

Red Pentas. 
Yep, I am winding down.
I sure could go for some iced tea.
How 'bout you?

Look at the blinding sun.
No wonder we are thirsty.


We will look at the veggies another day.

Let's go back inside.

 Oh, no!!!!

 I forgot to finish making the tea!
What's that you say?
Water suits you fine?

You're my kind of friend.
Come back any time!

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  1. This garden is beautiful! :) I love polka dots too, perfect!

  2. Your flowers are lovely and the tour was fantastic! And, yes, water is just fine. May I have some ice? Thanks!

  3. Lisa what a lovely post! Your garden is lovely and I did enjoy seeing the ducks.
    I love that you can grow alstromaria, one of my favorite flowers

  4. Looks like your garden is still in summer. Beautiful colors and the hibiscus is indeed pretty!


  5. You are a great storyteller. I got thristy taking that cyber tour through your garden. Thanks for the glass of water. Lovely garden. See you next time.
    Joyce M

  6. Creative post and wonderful photos ~ Love the beautiful garden tour with refreshments ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. What a gorgeous garden! Your flowers are all lovely and I love that bench with the yellow polka dot cushions!

  8. I can't wait to come see your garden !!! Hopefully it won't be too hot !!!
    BFF !!

  9. Love it!! Let's do this again soon.

  10. Absolutely beautiful garden! Love all of the photos (and the cold glass of water, too!) ;-)

  11. Enjoyed every minute of your tour. The water was great by the way :)

  12. Lisa our garden is just beautiful. This is such an inspirational post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW (What's it Wednesday) linky party. Hope you can join us. :-)


  13. You have a really beautiful yard!!

  14. Wow.. I am always soo impressed by anyone who can grow anything.. plants come to my house to die! Yikes.. and those ducks are soo sweet!
    Thanks for joining in the Under 300 Hippo Hop!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  15. I love the garden tour. AND really enjoyed the commentary. Well done. And so pleasing to the eye of us who paid you a visit.

  16. Lisa, I thank you so much for the hostess of this pretty garden. You are so lucky, do you know?? I live in a jungle of concrete and there is no place in my apartment where I can have flowers or anything green but nearby we have a little oasis of a small pond - I walk there when I can.. Thank you for this beautiful series of photos and for sharing

  17. The duckies are so cute. AND your garden is amazing. I'm jealous.

    xo, Emily

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your garden is beautiful. Now following you, looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Jess @ makingoverthemartins.blogspot.com

  19. Beautiful garden and pretty white ducks! Cosmos are one of my favorite flowers. Maybe you can help me out - I planted some from seed this year also. The stems grew tall and strong and green...but not one bloom! I was so disappointed! They were in full sun, so I'm puzzled as to why they didn't bloom. Thanks for following me - I'm following you back!

  20. You have such lovely views from your yard!

  21. Heat and all, I enjoyed the tour of your lovely garden.

  22. White marigolds from seed? *applauds*

    Popped in from HSTS Pink Saturday.


  23. You have a lovely garden!

    My PINK
    Your comment is always a delight to read, leave me one when you can.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Beautiful pics, you garden must keep you so happy! Those pink beauties are a joy (but you had me at yellow polka dot seat!)

  25. My cosmos are blooming like crazy, too. So much fun to have a little vase of fresh flowers in the house all the time. Happy P. S.!

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  27. Lovely flowers, neat fence and beautiful ducks!

    Visiting from PS- hope you can stop by..


  28. Happy Pink Saturday, Lisa. I am so glad you joined us today, and I appreciate you always making Pink Saturday special.

    Yellow cushion, gorgeous pink blooms and beauty all around. Gorgeous!